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  1. This isn't fixed for me either. With the normal release I would get interactive firewall prompts for the first day but as soon as I put my computer to sleep and then wake it up they would stop. I updated Firefox and a game and they wouldn't connect to the internet since it wouldn't give me a prompt about things changing and I had to restart to get the prompts. I tried uninstalling and re-installing and that made no difference. I then switched to pre-release and then I was able to put my computer to sleep and still get interactive firewall prompts the next day after waking it up. But so far every time by the third day after putting it to sleep I no longer get interactive firewall prompts until I restart. Gamer mode is paused and Interactive Alerts is enabled. This isn't an issue I've had before with using ESET for years.
  2. My license says it's not valid as well now. No issues with it for the past two months.
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