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  1. I`ll wait for 7.1 and for the time being i`ll check weekly for new Drive versions and update the path. Thanks!
  2. Hello, We are located in Brazil (pt-br) but I would like to change the language of the cloud administrator to English. The login screen does not show the option to pick your language. Also couldn't find the option anywhere on the Cloud Administrator settings. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply @Marcos . I wonder how I can make ESET play well with Google Drive FS. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello, We use Google Apps and rely heavily on Google Drive File Stream for our file-sharing needs as I am sure some people here do too. We recently migrated from trend to ESET Endpoint Protection - Cloud Managed and I started having some problems with Google Drive File Stream. Won't sync and is overall slow. When I disable ESET for 10 minutes everything flows well. I think the next step would be to exclude GoogleDriveFS.exe from the scan list. Problem is, the full path to the GoogleDriveFS.exe may vary from machine to machine. Here is my current GoogleDriveFS.exe path: - C:\Program Files\Google\Drive File Stream\\GoogleDriveFS.exe It seems it uses the version at the time of install on the full path. I wonder if that will change when the application updates. Anyway, I expected to be able to use wildcards on the path, like so: - C:\Program Files\Google\Drive File Stream\*\GoogleDriveFS.exe Is this possible? Thanks