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  1. Description: improve the recognition of banking websites; Detail: there are a lot of banking websites for which ESET doesn't suggest me to use "ESET Banking & Payment protection" when I access them. Other antivirus products instead recognize these websites. For example: Che Banca: https://www.chebanca.it/ Banca Mediolanum: https://www.bancamediolanum.it/ Poste Italiane: https://www.poste.it/ ...and so on. I know that I can add them manually, but their automatic recognition would be great, especially for non-expert users. Description: speed up the first scan; Detail: after installation, ESET performs a first scan that on my PC requires almost 7 hours. Other antivirus products instead on my PC requires 2-3 hours. I know that a deep scan is a good thing, but allow user to perform it at a later time. I think the first scan should be faster. Description: increase the default value of "minimum verbosity of events to display"; Detail: in some situations, for example when I browse the web and some url are blocked or for example when I'm offline and ESET can't update, I receive a lot of notifications (sometimes with repetition) that not require my intervention. Reduction of these notifications would be appreciated. I know that I can set it manually, but a new default value would be great, especially for non-expert users.
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