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  1. Hi, i got a problem with ESET File Security for Windows Server I am running ESET File Security for windows server version 6.2.12007.0 on Windows Server 2012 STD. It runs flawless some times but from a day to another the system start crashes dump after every 20 to 30 minuteswithout any changes made by me. and face Blue screen Error with random messages like Driver_IRQL not less or equal when I go through driver verifier got another blue screen Driver_Verifier IOmanager_violation. I uninstall ESET and observe my Server server stay up for 3+ hours ... but when i re installed ESET and took the option activate later my Server ran smoothly.I decided to activate the product after activation update started and with in 5 minutes my system again start crashes. saw Memory an Kernel dumps Problem. I attached the minidump and sysdata. Full memory dump file is 9GB cannot be uploaded here. Looking forward for accurate solution .