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  1. Hi! I created my account for this forum just for this topic! I too am experiencing the exact same problem. When I uninstall Eset then reboot, I'm able to view and add apps to the Accessibility permission pane under "Security & Privacy" settings in the "System Preferences" app. I use Eset on ALL my very many home and office devices and install it on all my family member's devices as well. This is a pretty big and significant issue from my point of view. No Anti-Virus, in fact, no program whatsoever, should interfere with the native operation of the OS's system preferences and security settings. It's because this is such an outlandish idea - i.e. that Eset would be the cause of this type of interference with OS system settings - that it didn't occur to me that this may be the cause of the problem. I called Apple support and it was they that advised me that an anti-virus/firewall program may well cause such an issue and THAT'S when I decided to try uninstalling Eset. I truly hope that this issue gets fixed ASAP!!! Please help! For now, I've uninstalled Eset and am using OSX's firewall.