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  1. How does policy inheritance work in ERA 6? I have policies applied to static groups, but when i look at the policies on the individual clients i dont see any resultant policies. I know that policies accumulate but Do policies applied higher in the group tree actually cascade down to the computers? How do you see what the cumulative policy is that the client is getting.
  2. I have a server setup with all clients being managed (Server version 5.1.34, Endpoint AV Client versions 5.0.2214). I would like each users to receive desktop alerts when eset finds a violation. In the policy configuration editor there is an option in "Windows desktop v5 | Kernel | Settings | User interface alerts and notifications" that states 'On multi-user systems, display notifications on the screen of this user:' Right now it is set to Administrator. Is there any way to set this to a variable for the currently logged on user? Can i use the windows system variable %username% here?
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