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  1. Hi all, Im using Windows 7. I removed all the all the protection modules and it was still at 99% what else can i do?
  2. Hope someone can help me, this has been occurring over the last few weeks. when i boot up everything is fine, however, after between 1/2 hour to a day my system really slows down and takes an age to do anything - and EKRN.exe can be found to be using virtually all of my CPU. I have tried deleting and re-installing, but it is still happening. I also use Malware Bytes but have never had this issue before. has anyone else been suffering from this? is there a solution/ settings to change? I'm at my wits end and am thinking of deleting and moving to another product - annoying as I paid for this for up to 2015 as its been so good thus far :-( please help.
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