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  1. Description: We need to be able to insert the Computer Name or FQDN into a email notification when a Management Agent has not connected in set amount of time. Detail: We need to be able to create an actionable notification that includes the affected computer. Not a notification for someone to go check the Console and search for what needs attention. Currently none of those ${variables} are supported when creating this type of notification. This functionality has been around since Remote Admin 4.x.
  2. So until then i have to login to 1147 Windows servers manually and turn that off?
  3. I want to disable the warnings for any feature I purposefully disable in Security MGMT Center via Policy ... particularly "Protocol Filtering." The thread mentioned there was a feature request in for this but that was several months ago.
  4. Any update if this is fixed yet? To add some thoughts to that thread, the GUI descriptions and documentation are using some buzz words to scare Enterprise admins. Personally, I don't like the idea of any application anywhere doing any "Filtering" of communication traffic. We spend a lot of $$$ on expensive hardware and Network Engineer salaries to do all the "filtering" control we need. So when I see an application that gives me the option to "Block encrypted communication utilizing the obsolete protocol SSL v2" , that's sounds a lot like software firewall to me... and I don't want it. It's likely to cause more headaches blocking things mistakenly than actually protecting our infrastructure. We use this on Servers exclusively , no desktops. It's also very unsettling to my clients when they see any kind of false warning that they're not protected. It leads to conversations I don't want to waste time having. So globally turning this warning off via Policy or what have you is essential.
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