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  1. MichalJ thanks for the info that is useful. The clients are now reporting updated license dates. It looks like we are all clear now. I guess I should have waited a little longer. For reference we use the license key installed in the pkg using the add_token command. It does appear many of those reporting the expire notice were on laptops that are not on a network as often as desktops. Having a command line options to force the client to check with the license server would be useful. Better yet the client should check with the license server before ever giving the user a notice.
  2. We do have that setting in Preferences > Alerts and Notifications > Display Protection status screen: Setup.
  3. Just to clarify this is an EDU site license.
  4. We recently got the ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac license extended for another year and it looks fine in the license manager site however many of our client machines are reporting locally that their license will expire at the end of the month. Will these machines automatically update the license expiration date? Is there documentation about that?
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