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  1. @TomasP, I Installed the new beta build on our test machines. I used the existing profile to allow ESET access and I have not received a pop-up prompting for access. Thank you for you help
  2. Hi @karlmikaeloskar, Does the "Your computer is not fully protected" alert re-appear on reboot?
  3. @TomasP Hello, I just finished running through the instructions for the TCC policy and tested on two machines. Created a photo library Attempted to create a file via terminal but access was prompted to grant terminal access. Did not grant terminal access Generated a TCC profile for terminal granting it full Disk Access Applied to the machines Attempted to create a file via terminal, no prompt to grant terminal access, file created.
  4. I'm still running into the same issue as well. Tested by reformatting the drive, re-installing 10.14, applied profile, installed the beta.
  5. @TomasP, If possible I would like to try out the beta as well.