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  1. Hi All! Recently I got a new MacBook Pro (15, Retina, 2018), and configured it to macOS Mojave 10.14.1. Then I tried to install Cyber Security Pro. It was installed successfully, but when I continued to install other apps, I find that with Cyber Security Pro, the settings in System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility was affected by the program. When I try to install some other apps that require access to Accessibility features, say CleanMyMac or Chrome or DuetDisplay, a window asking for accessing Accessibility features pops up and directs me to this window. But then I could not add that app to allowed applications. (see pic-1) It took me some time to figure out that it was caused by ESET, by finally uninstalling Cyber Security Pro. I could see all apps that require accessibility again. (see pic-2). Then I did several tests: I tried manually add an app there, it does not work I tried disabling firewall, the issue persists. I tried Cyber Security, it does not cause this issue. I tried reinstalling Cyber Security Pro after uninstalling Cyber Security, the issue was gone before restart. But after one reboot the problem reemerged. Cyber Security Pro is always on my late 2013 MBP running Mojave, the problem does not happen. Cyber Security Pro is on another friends' 2017 MBP, no issue. Thus I doubt it is Cyber Security Pro that is causing the problem on my device. This is a strange problem, I just wonder if someone else has seen the problem and possibly provide some solutions to it? Thank you all very much!
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