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  1. Yes the ESETSirefefCleaner will not only correct the junctions/symbolic links which Sirefef puts in Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials, but it will also repair the services which Sirefef removes from a system. Very nice! I look forward to using it....well...as much as someone can look forward to having an infected system I guess. Thank you for checking into that.
  2. Does the ESETSirefef removal tool fix the junctions created by the new variant in the Windows Defender and/or Microsoft Sercurity Client directory?
  3. I would wager to say that this is exactly the intent. Most (if not all) forums that I have been around make it a necessity to be logged in to start a new topic or comment on another. However, I realize that I am not a Mod, but just putting this information out there.
  4. If you are formatting your system due to finding the infections, that may be a bit extreme in my opinion. As for why there are entries found...there is no antivirus that can find 100% of infections 100% of the time. Every day there are many, many different variants of infections that are being made and until that new variant is reported and added to the software for detection, a virus can get in. Every antivirus does the best that it can with the information that it has on hand.
  5. Oh ok. I was just trying to help. Hope that it does.
  6. If you find topics you like and would like to continue following, see below:
  7. Looking at the posts on the forum here, I think that an Introductions "child" forum may not be a bad idea (unless I completely missed it). It seems to make some feel more comfortable meeting people that may have similar questions or interests. That's just a thought.
  8. The new forum looks very nice. I look forward to continue learning about your products and of course meeting new people.
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