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  1. Yes already Updated all modules ,regardling ESMC Agent ,so i think before it was workin well
  2. I am attacked with an MBED ransom ware which is now asking me to make payment of a lot of $. Please do help me I have lot of company data in and also note already was have latest updated modules and definitions for out ESET products ,So need help because we discover this case only in 3 computers Otherwise there is more than 200 computer on the same range .we have to find solution to fix this as soon as possible
  3. Thank you for your reply , could you please provide more information where will the one AGENT and rogue detection sensor be installed , To calrify more yes we want to detect rogue devices in a different metwork Thanks
  4. Dear All Here is our situation ESMC server ip address is in the range 10.10.10.xxxx, All clients in this range can be managed from ESMC. We have nother internal network with another range 192.168.0.xxxx , the two networks are connected but in ESMC we can't see the desktops with the 192.168.0.xx range , how can we manage that other network from ESMC. Thank you
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