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  1. Hello Forum, Eset Security 7 is available for £17.99 at Amazon.co.uk Online download.
  2. Should I exclude window image backup from my weekly scan.For a faster scan time.
  3. Thanks for the link, it makes very interesting reading. Starting to like Eset more & more.Just got to find it at the right price.
  4. I tried to upload a snap shot but it said I was not permitted,Why is this.
  5. found the problem, I had not deleted the Anti theft option.Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for the replies much appreciated.I'm finding ess 7 easyer to tweak and set-up than Drweb,and the gui is very clear.Do you know of any discounts for ess 7 as £40 is a bit heavy this time of year.Also, do you know why the icon on my desktop has a letter E in it, and the one in the system tray has a letter i.Can I change the letter i to a letter E in the system tray.
  7. Hello Forum, I've been using Drweb since 2004 and never had a virus or anything bad. I have now been using Ess 7 ( 30 day trail ) for the last 14 days and very pleased with its performance.Its 30% faster than Drweb on my laptop which surprised me. I just hope that I receive the same protection as I did with Drweb.If I do, I will purchase Ess 7. Has anyone here changed from Drweb to Eset.
  8. Hi Janus, Thanks for the reply. I enabled unwanted applications on set up.
  9. Hello Forum, I've just installed ESS 7 should I change any of the setting to make me more secure, Or is it ok with the default settings.
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