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  1. One of my friends wanted to see my phones' UI so i gave him with unlocked lockscreen. i thought my apps are locked through eset how can he open them but he was looking at GUI of recents specifically WhatsApp chats in recents and i was like killing him in my mind.
  2. Okay let me explain. There is a application called "Norton app lock" and it does the same thing i am talking about. It does not clear any application from resent app list but locks the GUI of recent app list so that any other person cant see recents without unlocking apps. I have attached the screenshot of that option called "lock recent app list" from this "norton app lock" app. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your help Eset should add the option to lock recents and i request eset to do so.
  4. Yes exactly, with locked apps their recents should be locked but GUI from recents is visible.
  5. Hello rami Thanks Okay here is what i did, i locked the phone (power button, screen goes off) waited 15 seconds then unlocked phone but didn't open any locked app and taped the "recents app option" as shown in screen shot earlier. I can still see recents of apps like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram etc and see the messages, pictures etc.
  6. Thank you for your quick reply. I have attached a screenshot of recents, please find the attachment. For example in the attached screenshot the recents can be accessed by taping the "sqare box" at bottom rite corner and there are 3rd party vendor apps on google play store that locks the recents in android.
  7. Hello I am using App Lock feature of eset mobile security and i am unable to find any option to lock recents. I means whats the point of app lock when someone can still see one's messages and pictures in recents. Is there any option to lock recents, if not then please add this option to mobile security app. Thanks.
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