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  1. Dang, guess I just caught it at a bad time. Oh, well, it finally installed and seems to be working correctly. Not sure what was up at the time. Thanks for the replies.
  2. So after I got back from Thanksgiving break, I see that I need to re-up my security (mine was about to expire), and then I discovered that version 7 was out. But two things: 1. My 2nd email didn't have a link to download -- had new username/password info but said I didn't have to do anything (was previously using nod 32 v5), so there was no link to download the new version. So I went to the product download page, clicked on v7, "already purchased" (which I had done a few minutes prior) and downloaded the .exe file. Then I uninstalled v5 and started the install process for v7. Which
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