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  1. Re: Newer Android or custom ROM for Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1: I did some research and haven't found anybody reporting being able to upgrade Android or building and installing custom ROM to this tablet
  2. Hi Rami, thanks for the hint. I have a bit different situation: In the above case there was not internet connection at all (Play store timeout, Chrome not connecting). In my case I have internet connection (Play store working, installed ESET MS via Play store, Chrome working, can connect to www.eset.com), but ESET MS can't activate and doesn't send "Eset support info" logs to Eset server. Anyway I have tried to connect to unsecured wifi (I have nothing to loose) and the situation is the same: Play store online, Chrome ok, ESET MS not activating, ESET support info not sent. I will investigate the Android rooting and upgrading options. BTW I have downloaded some (a bit outdated) Android source code for the Panasonic FZ-A1 directly from Panasonic public ftp, so maybe some more skilled in Android development can check options for upgrading to newer Android or building LineageOS build.
  3. Hi, I have bought rugged Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 tablet for kids and for outdoor trips. The tablet is running Android 4.0.3 and there is no known way to upgrade Android or install e.g. Lineage OS onto it. I have installed "Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus" from Google Play, opened the app to activate it, allowed all permissions, selected country and language, accepted all questions, selected my Google account (my Gmail address), but the activation hangs forever with text: "Please wait... This can take a few moments..." Any ideas how to fix this? Maybe some trusted certificate authority is missing or Android is blocking some network traffic or Android needs some more permissions...? Is there some way I can diagnose, debug this? Thanks P.S. I love this outdated tablet... ... if only ESET works on this.
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