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  1. In my case , upgarding from Eset server did not work. I had to upgrade AV clients to 5.0.2260.1
  2. We had the same problem. For us, the problem was solved by upgrade AV clients to 5.0.2260.1 ( You can download it from Eset International page)
  3. We discovered that definitions 1227 does not cause the problem. So we went back to this definitions. Eset had released late that night version 5.0.2260 which seems to correct the problem. We had tested it and it works. Apparently this was some problem within the Eset itself.
  4. Hi everybody, Today , after virus definitions signatures update 13229 on NOD32 5.0 , we have problem accesing HTTPS pages. The web pages are not opening and displaying error " SSL_Error_Access_Denied_Alert. We have disabled SSL scanning , but the problem remained. We made test : uninstalled NOD client and everything was working. Installed back with old definitions, everything was working. Updated AV definitons back to 13229 and problem returned. We contacted local Eset support but they claimed that everything is working OK.. Is there anyone else with same problem? regards, ​
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