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  1. I also need to voice my opinion of the upgrade from 5 to 6 for ERA, and it's not good. First, my old ERA 5 was installed on my server running 2012 R2 and it co-existed with Microsoft DPM 2012 R2 and WSUS. I uninstalled 5 and tried to install 6.1 on the same server, but regardless of the settings I tried, it would not connect to my SQL Server running on another host. I either got 65535 errors or 0 errors trying to connect. It always complained that the ODBC drivers were not correct. Funny, but DPM was backing up my SQL server from this very machine and my in-house application that uses the same SQL server runs fine from it. So I tried letting it create the local copy of yet another SQL Express on the server. No love because WSUS created a SQL Express on the server and ERA 6 would not use it. Ok, Plan B. I spun up another Server 2012 R2 and installed ERA 6 on that. I still had to have it create a local SQL Express but at least it installed. Why you guys insisted on using SQL 2008 as your Express client is beyond me seeing that Microsoft has Sql Express 2014 out. Anyway, I got it to run. Honestly, there is nothing I like about the web interface. You can definitely tell it was designed with an open-source look and feel of Linux. I don't use Linux and none of my clients on the network are Linux. But that is a personal issue. No Windows application look and feel, no comboboxes, no familiar grids, just foreign looking. Meh. So I followed the directions and got my server running and it sees it on the list of Windows computers. I then selected a Windows 8.1 VM and tried to push the Agent to it. No go. I remote into it and uninstall the Agent and make sure no other AV is installed and try again. Nope, it won't go. I've tried 3 more times and it is always in an error state. I'll be removing it again and putting Security Essentials on this until Windows 10 is released and then use Defender. Second computer I tried is the HR / Owners Laptop. It finally updated the antivirus to 6.1.2222.0 late in the day but it will not update the virus DB and stays in a constant state of Error. Don't have a clue what is wrong with that one yet. Third one I tries was a local Windows 7 VM on my dev machine. After three tries, it updated and installed the Agent and the Endpoint AV. However, it did NOT uninstall Security Essentials that was still running on there. I would have thought the Agent would have detected this and at least warned me that it was there. Nope. I had to manually uninstall Security Essentials. I'm not going to try any more machines on the network. I feel we have wasted $700 renewing and may just download 5 again put that back on till it expires and then switch to something else. It should have been point, click, done.
  2. I too just upgraded to 6 and get the same error. Followed the instructions and it does not accept the password I entered. I checked netstat and do not see anything listening on 2222 or 2223. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled on the same server and get the same error. This is Server 2012 R2 running WSUS and DPM 2012 R2 and it used to host the ERA 5 server. I'll go install Microsoft Security Essentials and Defender back on all the workstations until you can figure out what this is.
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