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  1. Dear Peter I had been referred to the Middle-East Eset as the local branch and contacted them several times by email ( see please images of my emails attached to this post) they did not give me a reasonable answer just referred me to the link www.eset.com/support which was also a vicious cycle. Another solution they provided was to refer me to the following link https://www.eset.com/int/business/partner/find/afghanistan/ . They gave me no answer after several email. This seems to be annoying.
  2. Dear Marcos Thank you for your reply. I have sent three times email according to Eset recommendation to the local support which is located in the Middle-East & Afghanistan with no satisfactory reply . I have also tried to ask for help from ESET LLC (ccreply@eset.com), with the topic "no reply to the CASE:44768 ". They have created a new case Case #239459 on 2/17/2019 and promised to give report in one business day. But unfortunately I have not gotten any reply after all. I am a little dissatisfied with Eset support & Services.
  3. Installing Eset Mobile Security on android gives me error: "communication failed license cannot be used for this product 20515003". Trying to solve it via submitting a ticket "CASE:44768" was unfortunately not successful.
  4. When I open the app., it only shows the steps I have mentioned earlier. There is no option for submitting a ticket or so on
  5. Unfortunatly it gives me the same error. I open the app.: Accept terms & conditions/ Select your email address: Next/ Choose an account:OK/ error "communication failed"
  6. Hello Peter It has been sent to your email. Regards Mehrshad
  7. I use Eset Mobile Security (android version 7.0 ). I have reset my mobile phone to factory settings. Afterwards I get the following error when I try to activate Eset using the license key. The error is shown in the attached file.
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