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  1. Finally get the new version after it's been released a month later
  2. Thanks for your help, but it didn't work for me. Once I switched it to Pre-Release update servers, the modules updated to the Pre-Release version (with a P after the version nunmbers) but the main program still stay at the verison, even with the Check for updates button clicked.
  3. Yes, I do try clicking the Check for updates button. The modules update smoothly but I still can't get the new version of ESET Internet Security.
  4. Thanks for your help I understand that I can download and install the package directly, but updating through the menu can be more convenient. I just wonder if my client has some errors which block the updates.
  5. I am using ESET Internet Security. I notice that the version version have been released about ten days but I have not received the new version According to the following post, it seems that the regional reseller may set some special setting to put off the update? How can I confirm that I did not receive the update due to a program error or some special setting by regional reseller?
  6. Description: Merge the More tools menu into the Tools menu Detail: The current Tools menu only includes three less commonly used modules and leaves a huge blank space. However, the most commonly used modules (e.g. Log files) are included in the More tools menu, which needs one more click to enter. Merge the More tools menu into the Tools menu can make full use of the space and reduce unnecessary operations.
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