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  1. I had trouble with run Office 2016 also. Getting error mising "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll" file. I resolved my all problems with ESET & MS OFFICE When I install this Windows update https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/kb/2999226
  2. @Marcos I tried reinstall Visual C++ 2015 , but I still ger error 😕
  3. Hi, I get error (in logs file) "Service 'ESET' service' (ekrn) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient priv 1920" when Installing Eset Smart Security Endpoint on Windows 7 (system is fresh from scratch), in my company. I have admin rights. I tried: - uninstall by eset uninstaller tool in safe mode - turn off windows defender - search internet
  4. Hi, @itman when I switched to learning mode (first time) then my firefox is still broken Should I take the next steps from your instructions?
  5. I created and move firefox rule to top, but It still no-working ?
  6. I think It is possible that eset uses the old rules (invisibled in GUI), how can I delete the settings completely? I used the uninstall tool, and then again install eset, but still no effect
  7. There is another issue, for putty.exe I dont see "eset pop-up window to allow connection". Putty return "permision denied" for SSH connection, when I disable eset firewall then I can connect to server!
  8. Zezwól = "allow" firefox (the window does not want to show automatically in interactive mode, there is no rule) firefox: for chrome (pop-up showed up, rule was created)
  9. yes I reproduced it. Pop-up window with action selection doesent show for firefox application, for example for Chrome application it's was appear and it is working.
  10. When I change mode from "interactive" to "automatic", firefox starts works properly. But when I turn back to "interactive" mode then I get "no internet" in firefox. I have deleted all rules, then in chrome I get prompt (from eset) like "do you allow connection from chrome. ALLOW/BLOCK button", but firefox is still broken and I have no prompt.
  11. ESET is blocking Firefox. When i turn off firewall then Firefox works properly. I tried reinstall firefox. I deleted my all rules. But still no effect.
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