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  1. I found this additional Help documentation, which basically says the same thing that I did, https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/71/en-US/client_tasks_virus_db_update.html

    End result: still pissed off! 

    Only a small number (12 of 800) computers were in Computers with outdated modules,  Most of the 800 computers/servers are on 7.0 and several on are earlier versions.  And of those in Computers with outdated modules, the job finished on 7 of the 12.  And none of those that it completed on received the latest agent or Endpoint AV or File Security software.  They are on 7.0 still. 

  2. There is a task called Update Modules, though I am finding that it does not consistently work. 

    I am creating a new task to see if it will update our computers from earlier versions of Endpoint AV to the latest version (7.2.2055.0).  (I never get to select the version, so I'm hoping it will find the latest version in the repository.)  I'm guessing a bit on creating this task, but it seems like it should work.  Having said that, my previous attempt several months ago was hit or miss. 

    My navigation in ESMC Web Console 7.1.393.0 is: 

    Tasks > ESET Security Product > Modules Update 

    Click NEW... button + Client Task 

    Name: Update Modules 

    Description: Update Modules 

    Task Category: ESET Security Product 

    Task: Modules Update 

    Click CONTINUE button 

    Check the Clear update cache checkbox 

    Click the CONTINUE button 

    Verify your information (what little there is.) 

    Click the FINISH button. 

    Create a trigger 
    Name: Update Modules ASAP 
    Select Group: Computers with outdated modules 
    Click OK button 
    Click CONTINUE button 
    Trigger type: As Soon As Possible 
    Click FINISH button. 

    I'll let you know if it works.  (That is if I'm completely pissed off that we renewed our license.) 

  3. Upon doing a Google search for, "SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Unable to load sqlnclir11.rll due to either missing file or version mismatch. The application cannot continue."  This is the only forum discussing this topic.  If this was a Microsoft issue, you would expect this to be all over the internet. 

    Having said that, I have 80+ servers running EFS 7.0.12014.0 or higher, so I'm looking for a method to change this setting without having to manually touch each one.  So back to my first question, "Is it possible to push disabling this HIPS setting to all of the servers running EFS 7.0.12014.0 and higher from ERAS 6.5?" 

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