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  1. How can I edit the sites marked as not appropriate as suggested? I can only assign the ones as found in the list and add them like that. I haven't figured how to add or edit them manually ? I use the webinterface on windows as I control the android tablets remote. https://parentalcontrol.eset.com/ please advice
  2. Made two screens from the device . By the way - I have it on multiple ones
  3. Hi. I marked the domain of youtube.com as not allowed and used settings telling block not appropriate... They are allowed to use the youtube app in the time given and they van use internet anytime. But what do I see.. even with youtube should be blocked - they were able to use youtube the entire day using the webbrowser of chrome. I have now disabled internet so they cannot go around, Is this an error in Eset in general or is it local and only concerns me ?
  4. My kids warned me that there tablet time started one hour earlier then normal. Seems the ESET server time did not take changes from Day time savings to standard European time into account and still running in the old time. How can that happen that in 2018 I have to change back to DST times and calulcate and trial and error the correct times?
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