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  1. So at first the figlet text was with the * character I thought maybe replacing the * with a # character would help. it did not. so I removed the whole figlet text entirely to correct this. I guess I could also have done what you suggest, and add it to detection exclusions, but I'm not that familiar with ESET.
  2. So I figured out why it is being flagged and removed for the record. at the top of my hosts list a long long long time ago I thought I would be cool and add figlet text at the top of my hosts as you can see here in the photo lines 1-23 have my name as figlet text. If I remove lines 1-23 the file does not get flagged. Just food for thought. Lots of auto hosts file builders do this with custom set rules so as you scroll threw you can see where filters are applied as you can guess blocking stuff out with custom hosts file can get very lengthy and long but I digress. after re scanning and trying to figure this out I found this error: <COLUMN NAME="Log">[1] Object has been deleted as it only contained the virus body.</COLUMN>
  3. Decided to run a TRIAL version of ESET on a windows 10 laptop build rather than the machine using the default windows defender. I have a custom hosts file setup on this machine using "Spybot - Search and destroy" as well as several other host blocklists added. For some reason the hosts file keeps disappearing after about a hour of viewing I noticed EST is removing this custom hosts file. under the quarantine tab I can restore the file but have no way to exclude this from being quarantined again. So I'm stuck in a loop of restoring the file from quarantine and then it being re quarantined over and over and over ... Error message: " hosts - Win32/Qhost trojan - cleaned by deleting [1] " I created this hosts file myself I don't know why eset is not allowing me to exclude or not have it removed. Very Annoying ... Under the Quarantine options it has the exclude option greyed out how can I stop this from happening. No option to exclude a custom hosts file from auto deletion "Quarantine" I tried to google why this is happening and how to fix it and only found one article with any reference at all with no replies.
  4. Oh lord. Welp if that's the case would it be in my best interest to disable Alerts and message boxes out right all together then? Hmm. i.e. mute all alerts that appear in the same context as the one provided in the above photo. I mean I would want to keep interactive firewall panels on, but disable pop up alert boxes. Is this possible...
  5. So I'm running a TRIAL of Internet Security in a Virtual Machine environment of a Windows ISO I created using NTLite of which I stripped out Action Center, Defender, Firewall, Smart screen you get the point. Prob the reason I'm getting this Notification in the first place but I digress. I want to know how to stop the notification from flashing on my desktop every 30 minutes as its really annoying... Yes ESET I already know Windows Security Center is not working. I removed it. Now stop Notifying that to me. How do I block this notification ???
  6. Appears to be sorted... switched bitclients, odd the version I was using for the past 2 years never got alerts must be a PUA update that flagged it recently. even tho its a portable slimware version with no ads toolbars whatsoever. thanks for the input guys cheers!
  7. I keep getting popups from this past week several times even tho I click clean it keeps showing on several applications... most recent was from steam, and windows explorer, I've used steam for many many years I know its safe same with windows explorer so what gives??? the popups are really annoying... I've seen it on other applications as well... This is a false positive or what is happening ESET... It made me freak out and install several other alternative scanners to remove it but found nothing. spybot malwarebytes superantispyware norton power eraser emsisoft emergency kit has been going on for at least a week now... ran scans everywhere for hours nothing comes up showing this Bundled.Toolbar.Yandex.J ...
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