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  1. Hello everyone ? Found out about the forum when searching about a few things, like the line commands for NOD32 AV, or the Licence Management platform. Running various Windows (from 7 to 10) on multiple devices, all using NOD32 AV (until recently), will be splitting them between the exposed ones (NOD32) and the less important ones (free AVs). Been using ESET products for quite a while, after a few years running Kaspersky in the 2000s. After a while, I was looking for a less resource-intensive AV (with still decent live protection and on-demand scan detection rate) and eventually chose NOD32. So far, along with common sense and teaching good practices, I've been quite satisfied with the results: with 5+ end-users under my direct supervision, some of them frequently plugging some infected USB keys on their notebook (students...), I've managed to avoid any major data loss and only had to handle compromised systems a handful of times (= was able to ID the malwares involved, recover the valuable data, and of course wipe the disk for a fresh install, without too much troubles). I really appreciate how ESET makes sure to keep the experience for the end-user rather seamless: even when nagging about Windows update or some settings, it's not annoying enough to send the users back to their admin all the freaking time, the UI strikes a good balance in my opinion. I almost went for BitDefender recently, seeing they were having a big sales (more than 50% off) during the Cybersecurity awareness month, but looking up their latest updates (bloated client again, self-inflicted MITM, etc) really got me to reconsider this and simply renew one of my two licence at ESET.
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