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  1. Unfortunately this lacks information about the new options on configuring a Zone
  2. Planet I had noticed that, but could not work out if the Activators were 'AND' or 'OR' together eg "Interface = Wifi" *AND* "Subnet =" Documentation does seem a little sketchy on Zones and Activators in the User Guide Not all interfaces are available to add (for example utun0 and ppp0 can only be added if present, e.g. in a VPN)
  3. I do not see a list of interfaces like ppp0, en0, awdl0 etc, all I see are rules, zones or profiles, and the zones lists subnets (and the occasional wireless SSID) I don't see any tie in between interface and any subnet .. something that would be nice, i.e. en0: in the zones would have been nice
  4. I'l like something that would list the interfaces that are in a specific zone inside the firewall When an interface is detected you get asked what zone it's in, and you don't see this inside the firewall preferences
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