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  1. On the off-chance it was an error installing, I removed ESCP, rebooted, then re-installed A standard user takes a lot longer to login from cold-boot, than an Admin user I have removed ESCP for the moment
  2. I have found (on a brand new MacBook Pro), that a Standard user takes a lot longer to login (to the point you can run applications, and the menu bar fully appears) than a Admin user when ESCP is installed Removing ESCP and all goes back to normal The difference is an order of minutes, as such it's a major inconvenience I have installed the latest ESCP and have up-to-date Antivirus Signatures
  3. Looks like it's two steps forward, and several steps backwards. I was going to install this release (and the Smart Security 9 on my Windows machines), both releases look like they have big issues. It's almost as if ESET's QA system seems to suffer from amnesia in that we keep seeing the same issues re-occur
  4. I suspect I'll wait for the issues to be fixed as I am loathed to reinstall the product again. I also await their uninstaller removing all ESET related files properly as post install I still found files in various locations on the system (I know they were not there before the install as I'd cleaned them when I uninstalled last time).
  5. TomasP unfortunately as I stated above, I've now de-installed ECSP as it's interfered with my ability to use the laptop while out and about I am unwilling to let it near my system for the next few months until a few fixes/modules are updated
  6. Having re-installed ESET Cyber Security Pro yesterday (giving ESET's latest and greatest one last chance) I have encountered an issue joining new Wifi SSID's and Joining my iPhone's 'Hotspot' On trying to join them, ECSP does not prompt for a zone, or allow their use. The Wifi network icon just moves as though its trying to join, but the connection never completes. I even disabled ESCP Firewall and Realtime scanning, restarted ... same result. (The OS X firewall was disabled before installing ESCP, and is still disabled) Killing all ESCP daemons allows the Wifi SSID to be accessed This thus appears to be an issue with ESCP As such I've had to uninstall ECSP as being unsuitable for use Has anyone else seen this issue?
  7. Yes, the Mac product is several years behind the windows product in terms of both function and usability
  8. Wonderful! Weeeeety don't leave the ship yet! I will wait a few weeks before I see what this release has broken/re-introduced, as we had the eset_proxy issue fixed/re-broke a few times on the prior release
  9. Weety, I would give ESET at least one more chance with this new release when it does come out since this is quite a major one (I hope). Planet, I have given them numerous chances, we're still awaiting fixes for the Shutdown delay nearly a year after it was reported
  10. I've permenantly uninstalled ESCP because of the bugs, and lack of any real support from ESET This latest fun with them not releasing an El Capitan compatible version even 1 day before the official availability of El Capitan just reminds me of why I need to find another supplier for Antivirus/Internet Security
  11. It would be better to release it in advance so people can update to a compatible version before El Capitan is released
  12. I won't hold my breath As you have said Endpoint Security for OS X was released earlier in the year and had the fixes, its months since that was released and we're still suffering the flaws identified in Cyber Security near a year ago Time to move on I think
  13. seems like 1 step forward, 3 steps back as above I've removed it, and now have a fast, responsive Mac
  14. I've now stopped using Cyber Security Pro I had an issue over the weekend where iCloud could not authenticate .. I logged out of iCloud and back in and could not setup Mail or Notes Disabling CSP had no effect, only once removed was I able to re-setup email/notes This plus the long delays for fixes means I'm at the point of dropping ESET from all my devices, I might even just install Norton on the Windows PCs ESET pull your damned finger out and fix the Home CSP issues and bring it on-par with Smart Security
  15. As expected, it's getting time to look for another supplier .. I mean this issue is only 9+ months old
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