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  1. i deleted all system restore points when it was working it improves system performance
  2. i think the viruses that prevented ESET from installing are the ones that find ESET a threat to them not malwarebytes
  3. Hello ESET Developers and ESET Security Team you fixed ESET by updating to v12 which then it was installed and i set it my way and it found 10 VIRUSES removed them... NOW the pc is working ok NOT 100% the image viewer app for windows 7 always crashes when opened what can i do to repair windows 7 ? it was damaged badly like windows media player and other things that are important to the pc its used for email and OMNI accounts program and creating invoices. please tell me how i can repair the entire computer without formatting the pc! ? thanks Dean.
  4. now i have updated ESET internet security on my own PC which is clean and malware free running windows 10 ESET LiveGrid does not want to work or activate and i checked the settings and cloud based protection setting window is blank i tried rebooting again twice to get eset to work but is not able to activate LiveGrid this only happened after the update ?
  5. Hello and Good Day to you ESET :) My Dads computer running Windows 7 32 bit it is a laptop for Work The Viruses know how to prevent ESET from activating and Are preventing LiveGrid from Functioning correctly with INTERNET Security Please Direct me to a tool to use to force ESET to activate securely or scan for infections that will then allow The Download tool to Work for Kaspersky i have activated malwarebytes premium and it finds no infections :) thank goodness. Dean Pepler
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