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  1. Some progress on my end... or so it would seem. Now, please understand that I am not shilling for the competition, but I downloaded and ran the trial version of Malwarebytes this morning (full log file available if you want it). It identified two registry-related issues, which were quarantined: Since restarting, I have had zero recurrences of the notification from ESET -- going on a total of four hours of continuously monitored operation. Aware that I am less qualified to comment on whether this is the solution or just a coincidence, I leave it to the pros. I have also run the ESET Lo
  2. To be honest, I haven't been able to locate this executable in any of the folders mentioned and have even come up empty with a general search of my volumes. I have also tried to pounce on it in Task Manager to locate it, but when I select Open File Location, it kills Task Manager. This definitely seems like a malicious app to me.
  3. Same here. The URL switched to *.icu starting just recently after some hours of limited activity the previous day.
  4. I removed the programs mentioned and did a reboot. I thought I was in the clear, but I just received another warning a few minutes ago. I guess it must be something else. Please advise. Thanks, Kevin
  5. Oh, is that what it is? This is a game product that I installed recently. I will be sure to remove it. Thank you for your help! Cheers, Kevin
  6. I am experiencing the same issue. First alert came about 8 hours ago, and alerts have kept coming regularly through the day even when browsers are all off. Using Windows 10.
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