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  1. Of course, as soon as I posted this I received a confirmation email that my case had been created. However, the web page never indicated that the email sent after leaving the page open for about an hour, only the spinning icon.
  2. For the past week I have been unable to submit a support request through the web form. I fill everything out, then when I click the 'Send email to ESET Support' button, it just spins endlessly and never sends (no confirmation email received either). I have tried with both IE 11 and Chrome browsers. I just upgraded all our all our users to EES 6.2 and we are having some serious work impacting issues since the upgrade. Need HELP!
  3. I am looking for documentation that gives more detail about what is included in each of the Web Control categories and subcategories. The majority are self explanatory but there are some that are not clear to me. i.e.) 'Parked' subcategory under 'Security and Malware'. Also, is there documentation on recommended or default classifications of 'Group 1', 'Group 2', 'Group 3' groups in Web Control?
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