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  1. I'm running ERA 5.3.39, and the server has disappeared from the list in ERA. All clients can still download updates from the mirror, and firewall is disabled on both server and clients.
  2. Hi bbahes, Use all servers is selected. In connection editing, it says I'm connected to the localhost:2223 SGPS, which is the correct server. Clients are stil licensed and are still getting updates from the server. Is there a database, or config file that I can restore from a previous backup?
  3. Ive had a site set up for over a year with ERA 5.3 (didnt like 6*) running on 2012 r2 with no issues, about 40 clients connected. Did a push installation yesterday and everything was fine. Log in today and server is missing from the servers pane, so obviously no clients listed. License is now reporting all seats available. Anything I can restore from yesterdays backups to fix this easily?
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