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  1. @itman The subnet mask is not /8 and we don't face any other network problem just this particular computer! @Marcos I changed the policy settings that you mentioned but nothing changed 1. I configured the DHCP/DNS settings with the correct IP addresses, didn't work. 2. I disabled the DNS/DHCP settings. Nothing changed! I ended up creating another policy with learning mode setting only and assigned only this new policy to the computer and the unblocking of the previously blocked communications worked but just that. It doesn't work as in true learning mode with rules c
  2. @Marcos Here you are! I uploaded the generated zip file to OneDrive. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmMMfeAKQqzOlmE6L_BrRZQ6Ft4Z?e=FaRPul
  3. We are facing a problem with one of our endpoints. The latest versions of Endpoint Security and Agent are installed, same policies and right like every other computer on the network but the firewall keeps blocking the connectivity with the entire network for some reason. I tried to put the firewall of the workstation on learning mode but it fails to create rules and when I go to unblock "recently blocked applications and devices" I keep getting "unblock error" Can you suggest me any solution or I should call the techincal support? Thanks in advance!
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