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    ECELeader gave kudos to foneil in Version Internetsecurity   
    Thanks for clarifying, I talk often with the product owners about what to include in changelogs and we'll have another discussion after this release using this feedback. 
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    ECELeader gave kudos to Rami in Eset internet security 2019 released ?   
    People love to see a change especially looks change , and they do hate it in the same time. , but it's a refresh for some people , for me it doesn't bother me, I still like the older interfaces of ESET where it looked more old and less graphical , but that is me also, but I do like v11/12 interface.
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    ECELeader gave kudos to DataC in Eset internet security 2019 released ?   
    it would be good to change it a bit and its appearance, so years we were bored!
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    ECELeader gave kudos to TomasP in New ESET Security Forum theme   
    Hello forum users,
    ESET Security Forum is here for you for more than 5 years now and we are happy to see it grow.
    Back in 2013, we chose a look that was in line with our products, websites and overall brand at that time. However, in the recent years, ESET defined its brand design in more details and chose a unique color to represent and distinguish itself; a color that is present in most of our online and offline presentation materials nowadays, on our websites, etc. – the turquoise color.
    During the past year, we have designed a fresh new theme for the ESET Security Forum that fits perfectly with this new brand design. After implementing it and polishing the last few details that came as feedback from our ESET Forum staff (who have been using it for some time now), we are ready to unveil it for the world to see.
    When you are reading this post, the theme is already live, so you have a first-hand experience with it. We hope you like it – and in case you spot an issue, do let me know directly (via a private message).
    On behalf of the ESET Security Forum staff,
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    ECELeader received kudos from Rami in High CPU usage when using WSL   
    I used VM in the past, but WSL suits me better and I prefer it. There are several reasons to use WSL. For example:
    Bash interactions with windows programs. Run native Linux binaries without the overhead of a VM (WSL is not an emulator as you say, but it runs Linux binaries directly). WSL requires fewer resources (CPU, memory, and storage) than a full virtual machine (It uses only 2 gb of storage in my machine).  WSL also allows you to run Linux command-line tools and apps alongside your Windows command-line, desktop and store apps, and to access your Windows files from within Linux. WSL enables you to use Windows apps and Linux command-line tools on the same set of files if you wish. It is very useful for developers, because you can use developing tools from both worlds (Windows and GNU/Linux) on the same files without dual-booting or transferring files to the VM. You can even shift+right-click in Explorer and open bash quickly in the current directory with "Open Linux Shell here" option. For me, these conveniences are enough to switch from VM/dual booting to WSL. I don't prefer to exclude WSL from being scanned and I believe it won't reduce system impact either, because each program that runs through WSL is executing directly on Windows (as shown above in the screenshot of task manager) so I will have to exclude every single user/Linux program-package I use in WSL separately in order to reduce system impact, which is not ideal. I think this is an issue that could affect many people, especially in the future where WSL may be adopted by other people. So I think it is wise to bring this issue to ESET and find a solution for this problem before it affects other people.
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    ECELeader gave kudos to Rami in High CPU usage when using WSL   
    Thanks for telling me about WSL , I never heard of it before , I was just trying to help you with my suggestions but it seems that I didn't , well atleast I learned something and I will take a look at WSL.
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    ECELeader gave kudos to Marcos in High CPU usage when using WSL   
    Does temporarily pausing real-time protection make a difference? If so, generate a Procmon log so that we can see what files are being accessed / scanned when cpu goes up. 6% utilization is not high, e.g. if a lot of files are actively being scanned.