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  1. I guess I don't have to do anything. Some are saying that you've stopped blocking it now.
  2. So, what do I need to do Marcos What is it that I as a user need to do so that the filters will work again?
  3. For me, 4 hrs ago I went to my Newsfeed in Facebook for the first time in a couple of days, and that initial snip/ESET blocking popped up. Newsfeed has become nothing but an advertising place for Facebook, so I post my stuff and leave, only monitoring if someone comments. The Github location was where Patricia WhaleyPatricia and 6 others manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Social Fixer User Support. Jerry, the blocked address is the site where all the subscription Filters and Tweaks reside, and you need to whitelist that with your antivirus or you will not be able to use any of those Filters/Tweaks. I had to leave for a few hours, and I've only just now picked up trying to sort through it.
  4. I have also just run a log collector for TODAY, would you like that file? This popped up, I know not what it means
  5. Mine was created 4 hrs ago. I have done nothing but report it to Matt Kruse in Social Fixer Support Group, he replied: Matt Kruse This github url is not ideal, but there are some requirements in browser extensions about using a secure server, etc. This has been the simplest solution til now, but if it is causing new problems I will considering changing it. So This reply from him is just a 24 minutes old as of now
  6. I have had this problem today and have a snip, if I can figure out how to attach it
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