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  1. Thanks, Marcos. Is that something you can do? I certainly don't have the ability to do it!
  2. I am getting the message that I have been infected with the HTML/Scrinject.B.Gen virus. The timing of the infection coincides with a visit to a forum - ScrapGirls.net. I have talked to the owner of the company and she insists that this is a false positive that only ESET is giving. She has contacted her support team and they swear that they can't find it. They believe that they are not responsible. They claim that they cannot talk to ESET about why this is happening and that I need to contact ESET instead because they don't get blocked by other anti-virus software when they try to visit the forum. (ESET blocks me from visiting the forum and has blocked me from it for months. I only got there yesterday by forcing my way through.) ESET keeps reporting to me that it is unable to clean the virus files. I ran Malwarebytes last night and it didn't find the infection. What should I do? Is this a real infection or a false positive? I'll appreciate your input very much.
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