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  1. Hi MartinK, I used Components upgrade task - Module Update in order to upgrade Agent which is not upgrading ESET agent. i dont see any relevant task under Component Upgrade task which will upgrade Agent only. Can you be more clear please. Regards, Fazal
  2. We have ESMC working on version 7.1.717.0. I am trying to upgrade all my agents(7.0.577.0) and security products (7.0.2096.0) to agent 7.1.717.0 and security product to 7.2.2055.0 through update module task. Unfortunately, the task completes successfully but on the target machine, the agent and security product stays on the same version. I believe that module upgrade task is not working any more. Can you recommend best method to upgrade agent from 7.0.577.0 to 7.1.717.0 and security/file security product in bulk of machines in effective way.
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