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  1. I Can see this one has been archived off a few times now, anyway to help find out what is doing this? Microsoft Office 365 - 16.0.12430.20264 ESET Endpoint Security - 7.2.2055.0 Seems Disabling Read and Received email stops this, but not really a solution, would appreciate some guidance please
  2. OK, so seems it is this service, but it does not remove when you ask it to! Order I took to resolve this issue... Remove EFSW Restart Server Run "sc delete epfwwfpr" in elevated cmd (Should get [SC] DeleteService Success) Restart Server Run "sc delete epfwwfpr" in elevated cmd - Yes again to make sure it has gone, you should get a different message... if you get "[SC] DeleteService Success" again then back to step 3.. this has to go before you install again. Install new version of EFSW
  3. Definitely did this in the order you requested, enabled, rebooted, collected logs and sent them to you. I have done the same as above but still getting error. I am just going to try it is a slightly different order... Remove EFSW, Delete Service, Reboot then Reinstall.....
  4. I have followed the guide but then removed 6.5 and install 7.1.12008.0 File Security... However still getting an issue with non-functional modules.
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