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    dom.piotr.85 received kudos from reisender1967 in Banking & Payment protection not working after enabling new security feature of Mozilla Firefox v83.0   
    Hi ESET.
    The latest version of Mozilla Firefox v83.0 has been equipped with a new feature consisting in enabling the mode of forced use of HTTPS protocol only, which can increase the security of browsing on the Internet. After enabling this security feature and visiting a banking website to make payments, the ESET Smart Security Premium Banking & Payment protection feature don't work any more. Protected browser window don't start. Instead, the ESET Help website titled 'How To Fix "Unable to Redirect Banking & Payment Protection to the requested website" error' is displayed.
    By following to all the indicated repair steps, the error still persists. The only way, so far, is to not use the new Mozilla Firefox security feature and wait while you will fix new bug.
    Best regards,
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