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  1. Hi All, I need a advice about ESMC Client Task trigger. Could you please help? Scenario: I have created a dynamic group to grouping ESET Clients which hasn't AV. Then assign a AV Installation task with "joined dynamic group" trigger. the problem starts here. Think that a technician installs ESET to an endpoint with AIO installer. First, the AIO installer installs the ESET Agent and the client comes to ESMC and joining mentioned dynamic group(ESET Clients which hasn't AV.). As expected, ESMC triggers the av installation task on client and while this is happening, AIO installer has already installed antivirus. So, av installation task triggered by ESMC install AV again to same client. What can you suggest to avoid this situation? Thank you.
  2. I know the endpoint policy options you have mentioned but what if you upgrade ESET from older version? some important modules do not work without rebooting. Broadcom AV has this feature. Please see screenshot below. https://help.symantec.com/cs/SAEP/SAEP/v128843728_v123284638/Restart-type-and-settings-for-client-installation-packagessepe_client_installation_settings_advanced_restart?locale=EN_US
  3. Description: System Restart Required Prompt Problem: Endpoint product update process could be challenging since eset product update requires restarting the computer. I have managing a network contains 10000 ESET Clients. After deploying the ESET product update, ESET requires a restart. I cannot force system restart because there is always users actively using their pcs. Some users shutdowns their pcs end of day, some users leaves running for days. Even if the user shutdown pc at end of day, the hybrid sleep or hibernation may be open. Finally, a lot of red ESET clients gives system restart required warning. Solution/Feature: A window like following windows update dialog. The administrator will set a postpone limit, for example up to 5 hours. ESET will prompt system restart window but allow users to postpone. Then It will automatically restart the system when it reaches the postpone limit. The first versions of Deslock I used had this feature.(maybe still have)
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