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    Nightowl received kudos from denixx in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    The current up-to-date version for desktop edition is the v4
    Endpoint edition v7 is running as BETA currently , once it goes stable I believe they will start looking at building the v7 for desktop.
    The fix that Marcos talked about would be probably a small fix (hotfix) that will solve the issue with browsers and that's it , not a major upgrade.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    There will be a fix for the issue in both Endpoint and ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop according to the latest news.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in EFS Scan Log Viewer UI Bug   
    This seems to be a known issue that doesn't exist in Endpoint v7.2. It will be fixed in ESET File Security 7.2. Unfortunately I can't tell when it's due for release at the moment.
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    Nightowl received kudos from denixx in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    You can find that here :
    I believe Google did some kind of change in Chrome that change is making problems with the legacy code of v4.
    EDIT : Also I am sorry If I was rude or aggressive with my reply , I didn't mean that.
    But you made me angry
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    Nightowl gave kudos to denixx in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
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    Nightowl gave kudos to denixx in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    Sorry for pressure. My fault.
    But you are just looking at wrong browser, it would not be affected at all, as I understood.
    Also (not for being rude, but for numbers and talking about the same things) - the problem potentially affects more than a half of users of linux platform. The ones, who use ESET product for this platform, actually.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Aryeh Goretsky in Best wishes for the holidays for 2019 and beyond!   

    As 2019 comes to a close, and just before computers are turned off so that we can spend time with friends and family, I would like to take a moment to wish each and every one of you best wishes for the holiday season, and the forthcoming New Year as well.

    This past year has been equally exciting, challenging and sometimes even terrifying in terms of computer security, and we know that you have many choices when it comes to whom you choose to protect your computers.  We are grateful that you have chosen to place your trust in ESET, and we will do our utmost to ensure that we continue to earn that trust into 2020 and beyond.

    On a personal note, 2019 marks my thirtieth year in the field.  In 1989, I began my career by driving to John McAfee's house and answering the single phone line in-between taking classes at college.  Back then, there were perhaps a couple of dozen computer viruses for PCs running DOS, and about the same for Macs (running the classic Mac OS).  In the intervening three decades, we have seen the rise (and fall) of several computing platforms and entire ecosystems.  We've gone from the dream of having a computer in every home to having one in every room (and sometimes more than one).   Classic computer viruses (i.e., recursively self-replicating code that creates a possibly evolved copy of itself) have become almost extinct as a standalone threat, replaced by an alphabestiary of malicious software, some of which do incorporate viral-like techniques.  The one thing I can say, though, is that I never thought the problem of malicious code would get as bad as it has become today.  The flip side of this, though, is that I am constantly amazed at how good companies like ESET have gotten at combating those threats.  To be a part of ESET and see how the company does things at scale has definitely been a highlight of my career so far, and I hope to continue helping protect your computers for many years to come.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Nightowl gave kudos to techylordz in Activating issue for Linux   
    Oh... I didn't realize that. So I guess the best chance of solving this is to contact the seller. That can be a pain in the behind. I hope they respond and fix the issue. 
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Aryeh Goretsky in Friends visit and want my wifi   

    ESET is not in the wireless networking business, but using a guest wireless network without access to  your own internal network of machines is a good start.  Keeping the router up-to-date with the latest firmware from the manufacturer is important, too.  If they are no longer providing updates, you can look to see if firmware from a third-party is available, such as DD-WRT, or replace the router with a new, supported device.  If you are using ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security Premium, you can use the Connected Home Monitor feature to see what is attached to your internal network.

    For scanning other people's computers, you may want to consider using a USB flash drive with ESET SysRescue Live installed to it.


    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Nightowl received kudos from karlisi in uTorrent is flagged as malicious by several antivirus engines currently   
    It's better to move to one of these clients , Deluge or qBittorrent
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    Nightowl gave kudos to PassingBy in The PC Security Channel [TPSC] vs Eset 2020   
    Not too long ago we were here, in another thread, discussing about the previous test from this very same guy who gave ESET appalling scores with a major war of words ongoing on this place for weeks. That was when i joined the ESET family and this forum. Because while everyone was fighting based on the opinions of this guy, what i did was to download ESET, then set it up with maximum settings, including the HIPS rules which i added manually from an ESET guide and, that is my understanding, later on were added by ESET as standard in their product.
    The result was me leaving another product after over 15 years of non stop usage (they removed the spam protection to an extent) and buying a 3 years subscription for ESET with a special offer in my country of residence.
    I never had issues with the previous product. I had never issues with the current one, with only minor complaints related to small details. It might be to soon to be too positive. I don't know. However the bottom line is: Try things by yourself. Reviews are entertaining, they can be a rough guide to what you are looking for. But there is no substitute for your experience.
    ESET is working fine for me. I only consider their notifications an utter pain in the neck. I had to mute them. And some of their threats are not explained in the proper way. I am happy that i can change whatever i want and that i can set rules by myself if needed. It surely is not a suite for the lazy. But it is a good product, if one takes some time to learn how to use it and is not scared of asking questions.
    The support in the forum is overall good as well. The previous product had an appalling support.
    And did try many other products together with ESET. I threw all of them away. Some slowed down my PC, others had too much bloatware in them, some were oversimplified and didn't allow me to have a good control (no notifications at all in those...as opposed to ESET, with worse nightmares as you don't know what's going on underneath).
    Try things yourself! We'll be here in a few months with this guy giving ESET a lower score and more arguments arising, most probably.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in Eset RDP Brute Force Protection?   
    Yes, EFSW v7.x has it as well.
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    Nightowl received kudos from SeriousHoax in Files encrypted by ransomware   
    It's now detected by ESET : Win32/Filecoder.NZG
    In my opinion what needs to be improved is the machine learning and HIPS , but I am not expert like those who program at ESET for sure , also as SeriousHoax said , Application Manager and Reputation(rep is already there) , to be combined with everything , so the AI could try to decide if this app is trying to do malicious things or it's not.
    But I could be mistaken , I don't know , but also as ITman said , nothing is 100% safe.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in disable EIS and have windows defender running instead   
    Seems to be effective. I haven't seen a published bypass of it to date.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Peter Randziak in "This file has been sent to analyze"   
    Yes I understand but sometimes you have cases where the files that you do are private to the company that you work with and it's hard to upload them for analyzing , but I understand it's bad for the AI system , same to what happened to Kaspersky and the American gov went crazy about it and blamed them for stealing data , while their AV saw that some files are suspicious and sent it to their AI.
    I know it's so important to get files sent by users , because that will make the system stronger and more accurate and faster.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Peter Randziak in ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux 7 BETA signup   
    Dear Linux community,
    We’ve been working on the new generation of our solution for Linux desktops for quite a while.
    The hard work of our development & QA teams, using technologies developed for the ESET File Security for Linux 7, were materialized into the first BETA version of our Endpoint product, which we would like to share with you.
    To mention just few of the top new features:
    Completely new distributed architecture, natively 64-bit, with better performance, security and stability New technology for On-access scanning by means of ESET-in-house-developed lightweight kernel module   Optimized for multi-core performance  Compatible with latest ESET Security Management Center 7.1  
    If you are interested in getting a chance of a hands-on experience with it and see the full list of improvements, just leave a comment here or send me ( @Peter Randziak) and @TomasP a private message.
    We are looking forward to your participation.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in A message from malware writers to ESET found in Emotet   
    They wouldn't bother sending messages to lame analysts who would not be able to find the message at all Obviously it's because our detection and protection is hard or impossible to bypass.
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    Nightowl received kudos from kanok ramsint in Lagging and making certain portions of PC unusable...   
    Switch to Deluge/Qbittorrent , they don't include ads or toolbars, both are open-source.
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    Nightowl received kudos from The Rectifier in Virusradar signature database unclickable   
    I understand , I ask because I used to look at them from time to time
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    Nightowl received kudos from BeanSlappers in Eset 13 Version   
    Oh that's nice , never knew that
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in Mouse Clicker EXE undetected   
    Here's an analysis of what appears to be a later version: https://any.run/report/c77cf8ebd52d044362c7f5d1a8e3fc444488371985a8c0f2902420b93bc44001/2bdc9ed2-5ebe-42a9-beb4-f35fa778bd37#registry
    In this case, the determination was suspicious.
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    Nightowl received kudos from ProTruckDriver in What License Do I Buy?   
    Check here : https://www.eset.com/us/home/multi-device-security/
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    Nightowl received kudos from BeanSlappers in Error message from Windows at version   
    Do you mean that it takes a little bit of time for Windows to detect that ESET is running?
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