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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Memories   
    Cherishing memories



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    Nightowl received kudos from Susie white in Files encrypted by ransomware   
    Was HIPS set to Automatic or Smart?
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    Nightowl received kudos from BeanSlappers in Whats with the WIN7 o/s out of support nag   
    For normal use (without heavy gaming) or business use Linux is excellent , I agree.
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    Nightowl received kudos from peteyt in Whats with the WIN7 o/s out of support nag   
    Ubuntu is good for starting and also for advanced , but for GUIs take a look at :
    Ubuntu KDE
    Ubuntu MATE
    Ubuntu GNOME
    LinuxMINT Cinammon looks a bit like W7 if you are interested
    For me I use MATE , It's great.
    You can also download the LTS edition , which will make your upgrades every few years(major operating system upgrade) , and also LTS is considered to be more stable , but the newer versions have newer features but I would go with LTS for sure
    Put it on a USB and run it as a live image , and test the linux as much as you want , when you will restart you will go back to your Windows normally , so that way you can give Linux a try , or fire it up in a virtual machine
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Hpoonis in Whats with the WIN7 o/s out of support nag   
    I have a local account. I do not use online anytihng for this win10 debacle.  I have SHUTUP switch off almost everything. I have no one drive, I have no microsoft accounts.
    microspasm have, over the years, clearly demonstrated their mistrust, disgust and lack of customer service for the very people who made them the global garbage patch they now are.
    As for a Linux recommendation, clearly, the front runner for new folk is Ubuntu.  The GUI has evolved vastly over the years, it is stable, useful and easy to get to grips with.  The standard desktop version contains all the workable software you would likely need. Installing more software is a doddle and there is a world of passionate, dedicated expert-like folk who will gladly offer any free assistance.
    There is NO activating online. There is (almost) no snooping - firefox, etc will have crash report info sent off but these things can easily be disabled. Almost everything you could want will be available as Open Source or GPL, etc so no worries about purchasing things.
    Virtualisation runs far better on the Linux platform than windows via KVM/QEMU. The only caveat that I have encountered is that cut/paste between host/guest and shared folders are a bit trickier to set up than would be the case with a windows setup. However, if you don't want a more hardware-centric virtualisation then you can still employ virtualbox which operates as well as virtualbox does anywhere.
    Software development tools do NOT require 10Gb or more of install as one gets with visual studio. By the same token, no registration is required such as microspasm force one into so they can spy on more of your activities.
    If one is a non-gaming user, Linux is ideal. If one is a business user, it could also be ideal but for the fact that the bulk of businesses use BackOffice tools - especially exchange/outlook; the latter of which has been altered so it is not so user-friendly any longer.
    I was weaned on UNIX (SYSV) and have been a ms/windows tech-type since MSDOS 3.x and windows 3. With every subsequent release, I have disliked windows less and UNIX-like more.
    The day windows is history will be a glorious day for the whole world!
    P.S. Once you feel confident enough you can even recompile your Linux kernel to streamline it to your tastes and speed-up your boot times.  Personally, I have not recompiled a kernel since using Slakware but it is fun to try and would take far less time today than the 4-7 hours it used to take using pre-pentium intel chips back in 1993.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Steelskin in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    Any news on a fix for us Linux users who use Chrome, Chromium etc 😕 I see there is no mention on the Eset website. Is it too much to ask of Eset that they actually 'officially' acknowledge that there is a problem and they have a plan of action. I really do detest companies that don't keep their customers in the loop about progress (if any).
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in hshipmenttracker.co/   
    A few final comments:
    1. Never ever install a browser extension/add-on from a web site request. Always install the extension from the Store associated with that particular browser.
    2. Never ever absolutely assume that a browser Store extension/add-on is 100% safe. Google notoriously and Firefox to a lesser extent do not test their Store extensions for malware prior to being placed in the Store. Apps are usually removed only after someone has discovered one is malicious or potentially unwanted status.
    3. Configure your browser such that extensions/add-on's are not automatically added. In other words, you must manually allow the request.
    4. AV solutions are as a rule are quite poor in detecting browser extension/add-on malware. This is because the app is not a stand-alone executable but running as a processing extension to the browser.
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    Nightowl received kudos from BeanSlappers in Act 24   
    If you are currently in Canada , you should buy from Canadian store
    Same as your credit card, you should buy from same country or you will get errors when you are trying to buy from ESET authorized stores.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Scotch in This really shouldn't be difficult, but it is   
    Buy through your browser , not the software , you may or may not receive a username among the cd-key , if you only received a cd-key , you will need to convert it to username and password , an ESET staff can help you with this
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in This really shouldn't be difficult, but it is   
    We have recently discovered a problem sending customer care requests from the built-in form in ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop. I would recommend contacting ESET LLL via the web form or phone. We are working on a resolution to make the internal form work.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Agathon in Using eset authentication server (with eset firewall as default)   
    Unfortunately there is no courses for ESET as far as I know
    But your ideal way for this is to install one of the either , ESS or EIS , you can firewall your RDP port which is TCP port 3389 to your IP Addresses so that will rest your mind that only yourself can connect
    but probably your provider has some built in firewall in your c-panel which can help you protect your VS
    If you can create Virtual Machines like in Google Cloud , it's fun to try OPNSENSE if you like to make some projects.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Steelskin in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    Rami, Rami, Rami,
    You must have a magical laptop sprinkled with Pixie dust. If only I had a source of Pixie dust right now I would feel so much better.
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    Nightowl received kudos from santoso in How To Know Infected PC   
    The worm is replicating itself from one of the computers or shares in the Network , ESET won't be able to remove it from the remote location , it will only be able to protect the computer that it's installed on
    You need to clean the worm from the infected PC/share , first of all you should disconnect it from the network to prevent it from keep trying replicate itself to others, then you try to clean it off and make sure the machine is fine and then you put it back to the network.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in Firewall Rules   
    Not a smart security decision. Also for maximum security, UAC should be set to its maximum level.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to arusconi in ESET Security Management Center 7 deployment in Proxmox VE   
    I just published a brief guide to ESMC implementation in Proxmox :
    ESET Security Management Center 7 deployment in Proxmox VE
    I hope it is useful.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Peter282 in Check of update status of all network computers.   
    Your current license should cover you to upgrade your Endpoints and your current server to the current versions
    As also Marcos said the File Server license will be included among the Endpoints.
    You also need to watch out while using Windows 7 , it left the support , unless you buy support from Microsoft.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to M.K. in Remove any macro in Microsoft Office documents   
    Hi Tom,
    in Mail Security there is an option to define a custom rule to move all emails containing macro-enabled office documents to quarantine. You need to define an Attachment type condition and mark "Microsoft Office Macro-Enabled Document (97-2003)", "Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled (2007+) (*docm, *dotm)", etc...
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    Nightowl received kudos from Peter Randziak in Packets on Mac   
    I have found this fix for you but it would disable Siri , and this data is your voice getting to Siri
    1. System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Siri
    2. Click “Open Siri Preferences...”
    3. Check the box for “Enable Ask Siri”
    4. Move the radio button for “Voice Feedback” to “Off”
    5. Uncheck “Enable Ask Siri”
    After that there shouldn't be much traffic to corespeechd
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in ScrInject.B trojan detection on MediaFire, is this a false positive?   
    Moreover, url scan and website content scan are two completely different things.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Hatus in SyS rescue security concern   
    Thanks for all the replies, it was really just about windows logon that I was asking about. However knowing about all this sure was interesting.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in Antivirus vendors push fixes for EFS ransomware attack method   
    Ref.: https://support.eset.com/en/ransomware-shield-bypass-mitigations
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in CVE-2020-0601: Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability   
    This is only the latest among numerous other ways to employ Win OS "living of the land" legit executables to perform hidden escalation to admin privileges. Thankfully, most but not all, can be thwarted by setting UAC to its maximum setting. The issue is how many have UAC set to that level? Many don't care for its alerts at the default setting and will certainly object to more alerts at the maximum level. -EDIT- Then there is the real question of how many have the technical skills to effectively respond to an unexpected UAC alert.
    Finally, there is Microsoft's atypical statement that "UAC is not a security boundary."
    BTW - logging on under a standard user account will also prevent most of these hidden escalation attempts. 
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    Nightowl gave kudos to MichalJ in ESET NOD32 Google Chrome 79 crashes   
    @Kirill Licenses for ESET products are not sold for a specific product version. Meaning, that with your current license you will be eligible to use the new V7 as well. Linux Endpoint product is the last one running the old version of architecture / scanning core, and it will be updated to V7 soon. We are already running a beta program (available here), V7 should not have this issue at all.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    As I wrote, there will be a hotfix of ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop that will address the issue.
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    Nightowl received kudos from denixx in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    The current up-to-date version for desktop edition is the v4
    Endpoint edition v7 is running as BETA currently , once it goes stable I believe they will start looking at building the v7 for desktop.
    The fix that Marcos talked about would be probably a small fix (hotfix) that will solve the issue with browsers and that's it , not a major upgrade.
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