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    Nightowl received kudos from itman in Virus signature database not updating with latest version   
    It's better to isolate the computers that have the Worm so it can stop spreading , after that you need an up-to-date antivirus that will run a deep scan for these computers so it can take the worm out
    Maybe in your case where you cannot update for some reason and cannot select directly from ESET Update servers , try to see what you can do with ESET Online Scanner : https://www.eset.com/us/home/online-scanner/?intcmp=intrw
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    Nightowl received kudos from peteyt in Logins for 1.3 million Windows RDP servers collected from hacker market   
    I wonder why people open RDP to all , when sometimes it's companies that do that.. and even though you are opening it to all and still using a password like

    Running unpatched systems that are open to all with weak passwords, that is really bad.
    And if it had to be open to all , some products need to be used for protection , like an IPS or some NGFW and a looooong and complicated password is also needed , I wonder what kind of logic is this
    Firewalls are crying in the corner..
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in What are pico updates   
    Yeah, pico updates are typically less than 500 bytes in size.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to pronto in Hafnium Post Exploit Detection   
    In my opinion, they tried to attach importance to their cloud products, but probably underestimated the dynamics of the situation. It seems like they have lost control in the meantime. With the implementation of Windows 10 and their Windows as a Service update strategy, one update after another is blowing up. Either they came too early or too late. The customer has not been the king anymore, rather they are being forced towards in the direction where Microsoft wants them to go.  The other global players like Apple and Google are no exception. If Google decides that any standard is no longer useful, a new standard will be introduced and the world will have to follow. You just stand by shaking your head and get the feeling that they're making fun of it, also. Sorry but I had to vent a bit...
    Bye Tom
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Larger Detection engine update scheduled today (February 25)   
    Today (February 25) we plan to release a Detection engine update with expected size around 12,2 - 12,4 MB.
    We expect that the update will be available on the update servers for the clients to download at around 14:00 CET (+/- 30 minutes).
    This change will optimize the way how we store the data and will reduce the Detection engine size, it's memory footprint and also will make further updates smaller.
    The Micro updates scheduled on February 26 will have the weekly update package around 13 MB in size and the monthly update package up to 15 MB.
    Peter on behalf of the teams involved
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    Nightowl gave kudos to stackz in can I ask where to locate these windows "updates"   
    Yes, every user session the services will be created with a different hex number suffix.
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    Nightowl received kudos from peteyt in The Great Suspender extention is malware   
    Will be detected as this by ESET.
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    Nightowl received kudos from itman in Unknown Connected Home Device   
    Can you get into your router and check which devices has DHCP lease?
    That way you can have all info about connected devices to your home network
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    Nightowl received kudos from Super_Spartan in NOD32 Gamer's Edition?   
    And yet you missed the most important point of my post that I don't work for ESET and I am just a User
    Even so you are still talking about a product that you didn't use or buy and isn't being offered in your country.
    So if you have bought this product and you feel that you have been mislead by the design of the box , you can request a refund and get your money back , I bet ESET won't deny you that , and if you still feeling mislead , hire your favorite lawyer in town and sue ESET in the area that sells that product.
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    Nightowl received kudos from polcalweng in Disable OS Update Warning   
    That's weird , I prefer to wait for an ESET Staff to reply here for your problem, as he/she would understand more than me in this case.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Floidy in Help me   
    Normally a crack would have been classified as PUA (potentially unwanted application) , but since most of the detections are going for a Trojan Dropper name , I would rather avoid that file and remove it.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to DKech in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Not all ransomware is configured to bypass this. Some kind of flimsy argument. This is the same as saying that you don't need to insert a lock into the door, since the robber has the ability to open the lock with his own key.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to ntg2978 in ESET Internet Security on Linux password/username   
    Alright, Marcos, thank you for the straight-talk.  Will the Linux desktop users ultimately have to either upgrade to the business edition or do you think the modules will continue to be updated for the foreseeable future?
    I've come from using F-Prot for the last 3 yrs, and they announced an End-of-life of F-Prot for home use, as they are going to solely focus on business editions.
    I'm seeing a trend among the Linux antivirus products that they are increasingly moving towards business users; I can completely understand that, because the revenue generated is much greater; probably there is also more demand as well.
    I'd just like to know if you guys are planning on an End-of-life for the Linux Desktop as well in the near future, so that I can start researching what I'll do in a year once my license expires.
    Thank you.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Marcos in Maximum Protection even Firewall Off   
    Not according to the specification. I assume there were many requests to not warn if the firewall is turned off intentionally, e.g because users prefer the system firewall.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to Leonardo in anti virus best software   
    Thanks+++ @Nightowl for your help !
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    Nightowl received kudos from Leonardo in anti virus best software   
    Here they are :
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    Nightowl received kudos from Leonardo in anti virus best software   
    In the download link when you click Advanced Download you will be able to see Changelogs per versions.
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    Nightowl received kudos from Leonardo in anti virus best software   
    Yes it is
    Network Protection is available in Internet Security and Smart Security
    It is not available in Antivirus edition.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to itman in Internet Security and Google Searches   
    Or clear your browser history and/or cache in Chrome at its close time and see if that resolves the alerts.
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    Nightowl received kudos from HSS77 in Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen   
    Argh didn't notice that was MacOS , Glad you sorted it out.
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    Nightowl gave kudos to HSS77 in Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen   
    Tried sending now as was able to allow it again. Thanks. 
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    Nightowl gave kudos to HSS77 in Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen   
    Hah, thanks. Just different than usual MacOS admin user details box. Managed now to change the settings and allow file sending to be analysed from the quarantine. I hope the file is sent now, can someone confirm please. 

    Great stuff, many thanks for the help so far!
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    Nightowl gave kudos to intika in ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop version bug, active detection don't work for all process   
    First thank you for this nice product  
    Happy and sad: 
    It's really tiring to always have one of version out of two working on Linux, other than the bad/weird fact that we have to check manually for app updates; Every time there is an update I get exited and get happy because the product is rarely updated (it does the job tho, this is what's most important) but on the other hand application updates (not the data base) are a true disaster for a professional commercial product; I always ask my self if the new version would works and do extensive tests each time I update, that should not be the case, we are not beta testers but your paying customers. I know Linux can be complicated (and/or required very technically capable developers) but it's not more complicated than windows on the contrary it's simpler and fully open source... speaking of which I really think you should opensource Nod32 for Linux the product would become way much better. you can still keep the license side of it closed source (even if it's no secret it just use a simple authentication user/pass over web to get the updates...), you really just need to opensource it with an adequate protective license.... anyway I just wanted to share this mixed paradoxal feeling about Nod32 for Linux, it's amazingly great but sadly it is also a mess. the application look like it is just maintained to survive with the very very minimal functionality... even on the financial aspect you have to manually give each new user its license (user/pass) manually, this does not feel like a product from a big company like yours.   
    The v4.0.95.0 bug:
    After upgrading from v4.0.93.0 to v4.0.95.0 and rebooting of course, start testing with the eicar test file... Nod32 does not detect the virus on a lot of application, chrome browser (was the case before), micro editor, cat from terminal... etc. but it did detect and block the test virus with ark and kwrite... Using a RHEL based system with kernel v4.14.  
    Downgrade to v4.0.93.0 where everything works just fine, even with latest Firefox and Chrome...
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    Nightowl received kudos from Carpet_With_Carrot in I click on a APP icon, but the APP doesn't start.   
    You don't see ESET icon in system indicator icons?
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    Nightowl received kudos from chrlshlmn in Eset and other security software   
    You could download HitmanPro as a second opinion scanner as it doesn't have a real-time protection module.
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