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  1. Hi Marcos, thanks for the very quick reply! Is Exoclick.a a binary executable or a javascript program? Just to be clear, what does the log line with user root in red mean? Is it safe for me to put my machine back on the net?
  2. I looked at my computer this morning and saw the green light camera on. I almost never use it. It turns out on my administer account, a facetime was running. I don't remember starting it. I check my eset logs, and yesterday it showed a JS/ExoClick.A was run as root with a red text and red background. the Action/Information columns are blank. caught by http filter. I can visit the sight in question in my browser, but it immediately does get quarantined as user = my user (not root) action = "connection terminated", information is still blank. It looks to me like it did not run in t
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