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  1. What if the popup covers the complete screen including the taskbar? I don't remember seeing any taskbar, only the full screen popup. I didn't think to try right clicking to open the task manager though. I read that article and there is numerous malware scanners it lists to go through. I have Malwarebytes Premium and eset premium security that has served me well in these past several years. I would have thought one of these would have caught this old looking popup. Now, my question is, what html coding keeps your screen locked like it does? Again, seems to me any decent malware or antivirus program should be able to see that coming and be able to disable and or eliminate it before it happens.
  2. I know that junk can creep into our computers before the vendors have a chance to update their data files to protect us. But, then again sometimes I just like to test them. My question is why is this age old 'screen freezing' junk still able to escape the detection engines. I am not a programmer by no means but do have some knowledge of coding. What type of code does this?
  3. I wished now that I had taken a picture of the screen. But, I want to tell you how my morning went today. I did finally manage to get to bed sometime around 6:00 AM EST and soon to sleep. Within a few hours I awoke to the wife alerting me that something was wrong with her Surface book. I quickly looked it over and realized it is one of those where you have to power down the machine to clear the frozen screen. It had stated the usual 'Call Us Now at Microsoft...." and from what I remember, a URL listed a couple of times. Just the way it was written also made me realize there was nothing else to do but power cycle it. I had forget if I had installed eSet on it so I checked after booting. I had installed it. Checking the program everything seemed set okay and the update was up to date. I told her to let me know if it happens again. I hope eset is not lagging behind the competition now. I scanned the web long and hard looking for any all information on what the best antivirus program was then. I have been very satisfied and giving subscriptions to friends and family. I know that this pop-up got through eset this morning due to it has to be newer than the latest eset data set. And that it is only a short matter of time and it will be added to the data set and never to worry again. Prove me right, eSet!
  4. I am new to the forums and came here to report that eset missed some type of pop-up malware this morning. I came across this thread on top of the heap when entering this room. From what I read and this has now been months ago, is it safe to say that FeMaster has succumbed to 'Automatic' mode? It would seem to be a wise choice after all. I have never been one to entice doing it myself but I am sure this option was created for some specific situation in computing. Now, who to ask about that? I just got up so coffee must be had next! Cheers!
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