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  1. 1 minute ago, Marcos said:

    Do you use ERAv5 or ESET Security Management Center to manage v5? Even in ERA v5 it's possible to create a custom package with the fix and push it to all clients. Even the cliets that are ok will be upgraded to the latest version v5 which was not affected by the issue.

    Speaking about v5, we would like to hear from you all what are the main reasons for staying with v5 and not upgrading to the latest version v7.2 or 6.5 in case of older operating systems, such as Windows XP.  We understand that there may be various reasons, such as old hw, larger networks, etc. and do not force you into upgrade unless the products reach their end of life.

    Working in a 24/7 environment that doesn't have IT staffed around the clock.  Getting the OK to make users reboot, and rebooting the servers outside of windows update downtime is like pulling teeth.  If we dont force the users to reboot after the upgrade, then they wont.  We've been transitioning for a while now, but its a slow process.


    For v5 we're using ERAv5.  We have no v6 at this point, so all of the rest of our clients are on v7 and we use eset management center for that.

    Can you link me an article to create the custom package fix for ERA?  I've only created the initial default install so far.



  2. we have a lot of pcs and a few servers still running 5.  Is there a way i can run a query somehow to figure out which PCs have a jacked up eset installation?  Some PCs are fine..i guess they didnt reboot.  I've come across 2 servers that i know have not been rebooted(checked uptime to make sure) yet the install is still screwed up on them.

    Only 1 of my users has called me so far to let me know that they're seeing error messages from windows action center that AV is not installed.  I know i have a lot more users than that where the users just arent reporting or noticing their install is now bad.

    We have way too many pcs/vms/servers for our team to go through them one at a time.

  3. The only error i get is "internal server error" after the download seems to time out.  I usually get anywhere between 0 and 11 percent on the download status bar before it seems to drop connection or time out.


    i believe this is the relevant log that i'm seeing when the server tries to download the AiO.  The IP of the server here should be coming from an address that starts in 205.

    09/07 08:57:29





    Minimal Web Blocking - email



  4. I'm on server 2012 r2, security manager version 7.  This is a fresh install, and I'm unable to download the AiO installer.  I've checked in our security appliance, and nothing is blocking the file from being downloaded. Im even unable to download it on another internet connection from another ISP if I try manually.


    Is something up with esets servers?   I'm in the US btw

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