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  1. I've checked addresses on those page thru Apache proxy (preconfigured, by ESET provided) and directly. Results is same: um10.za.eset.com -> no dns record. Google's dns agrees with it too. download.eset.com -> www.eset.com dlm1.eset.com -> no dns record dlm2.eset.com -> no dns record dlm3.eset.com -> no dns record dlm4.eset.com -> www.eset.com dlm5.eset.com -> www.eset.com dlm6.eset.com -> www.eset.com expire.eset.com -> 403 forbidden subreq.eset.eu -> no dns um01.eset.com to um01.cn.eset.com asks for login/pass esa.eset.com -> esa.eset.com m.esa.eset.com -> esa.eset.com All ESET Live greed addresses -> 400 Bad request. List "Domains used by ESET Live Grid" - most of them 400 bad request or 403 forbidden. Apparently, not everything is good in the state of Denmark. And I even guess who should fix it.
  2. It sounds like let's deliver parcels from Moscow to Warsaw through Rio de Janeiro. Facepalm. Excuse me. How shortly we can wait for direct wake up implementation? P. S. And problem of unable wake up Agent which have direct access to Internet is still have. Agent 7.0.553.0, ERA server 7.0.553.0, Web-console 7.0.413.0. Clear installation, not update. Upd. Brothers and sisters! Our prayers were heard! Wake up thru epsn.eset.com (holy, holy) begin works. It seems to be.
  3. No. Until I let one of machines with File Security directly to Internet, it couldn't be activated. With Endpoint too. And with directly access to Internet for both Server and Agent wake up is unable. Employee of local ESET tech support was see it, when I showed him this issue. He invited me here.
  4. Hmm, I thought make agent listen port on local machine is much easier and faster, than build datacenter for serve agent for whole world. And second part of of question - why Endpoint/File Security couldn't activated and updated thru Apache proxy? As I said, some of our computers don't have access to Internet. What should we do in this case?
  5. Yea, but our local support invited me to join the discussion in this topic, saying earlier, that activation is needed continuous direct connection (without any proxy, etc.) to Eset servers in Internet. At this time nobody has confirmed or denied this. Otherwise, as I said in previous post, it should be glitch of Endpoint/File Security, and want info how resolve it. So I wrote a messages from logs here. Upd: Okay, now I shall know. Should be connected? What the reason for agent connection to epns.eset.com, if ERA server exists here? And what purpose of Apache proxy in ERA 7 installation? Some of our computers placed in other restricted network segment and shouldn't have any access to Internet. And what if our Internet connection will be broken for some time?
  6. Some strings from provided Apache error.log: [Thu Sep 06 09:34:43.720495 2018] [proxy:error] [pid 1332:tid 12468] (OS 10060)Попытка установить соединение была безуспешной, т.к. от другого компьютера за требуемое время не получен нужный отклик, или было разорвано уже установленное соединение из-за неверного отклика уже подключенного компьютера. : AH00957: HTTP: attempt to connect to (*) failed [Thu Sep 06 09:34:43.720495 2018] [proxy_http:error] [pid 1332:tid 12468] [client] AH01114: HTTP: failed to make connection to backend: update.eset.com But browser is able to open it thru HTTP - this page asks for login and password. Thru HTTPS is unable - browser says "Connection..." and after some time - "Can't connect to update.eset.com. Timeout". update.eset.com resolved as updf5.wip.eset.com [].
  7. Hi, I am one of those customers. As I said, I don't think that external servers is needed by direct access for activation, management and wake-up (otherwise, what reason for wake-up port setting?). I think, unable activation and wake-up agents - is Endpoint/File Security and/or ERA server glitch, because web-browser correctly opens eset.com thru Apache proxy which provided on download page. Or I don't understood Eset configuration philosophy, where settings should be different than what I think. Upd: I have installed ERA 7 as new installation, not upgrade from previous version.
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