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  1. Sorry it taken me so long to answer, I have been busy. I think I have figured out the issue. It seems to work the first time it tries to update if there is a new signature file. If it's already downloaded the sig file, then the next time it queries your servers and it's still the same file, it says it's "unable to download ..." versus saying something like "You already have the latest version. No need to redownload signatures."
  2. No. This is a USB drive with the anti-virus software on it that scans the USB drive. It's not installed on the PC and it doesn't scan the PC, only the USB drive. It's a Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Anti-Virus model number DTVP30AV/64GB. I've talked to Kingston and they say talk to ESET people.
  3. I have a Kingston USB drive with ESET NOD32 anti-virus on it. I tell it to Update Virus Signatures and it says "Updating virus signatures..." but then I get a yellow triangle with an "Unable to download signatures at <current time>". Any ideas on why it won't update? It's only maybe a month old.
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