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  1. 20 hours ago, Marcos said:

    The license expires on Feb 5, 2021. License overuse may occur if ESET is uninstalled when the machine is not connected to the Internet. What you can do is add the license to the license manager at my.eset.com and free the unused seats.

    As for the notification you received, I'd recommend contacting the reseller from Peru.

    Hello, recently all the 14 pcs that were registered were removed so only the 5 laptops we are currently using have an active license. 
    What do you mean with contacting the reseller from Peru? you mean contact Eset Peru? because the license was bought from the same eset.com website. My question was more of if this notification was legit or not. I can understand if there was a mistake with saying my license was unofficial. What I basically want to know is that this one was not a virus disguising itself as the antivirus. Dont know if I am making myself understood here 😅.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Marcos said:

    The license was issued in Peru, you seem to be from Netherlands. It was registered to se..........la@outlook.com. Is that correct? I'd also add that license overuse was detected.

    yes, those details are correct. I dont know how it can be overused since we have exactly 5 laptops at both homes. Yes I live in NL but I am originally from there.

    Anyway, was the notification real? because at first I thought my license was really set to expire but then I remembered that it expires in February. I thought my pc was infected and this was a phishing scam but the link looks from the eset website?? I also tried to look for the exact notification in google images so I can show my family member and post it here but I coulndt find anything similar (at least in Spanish) which makes it suspicious.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Marcos said:

    Since I was able to find only one trial license for ESET Mobile Security, please provide your public license ID so that I can look up your license in case it was registered with a different email address.

    Hello, where can I find this? I think I know what email was used as this was done by a family member. And how do I provide these details? by PM?

  4. Just now, peteyt said:

    Where did you buy the license from originally e.g. from esets official site or from another third party site - I ask this because there are a lot of scams going around where someone will sell 1 license ment for 1 user/1 computer to multiple people. This license will eventually get blocked when it detects license overuse 

    it was bought from the eset website

  5. Hello, 

    Today when I first turned on my laptop I received a notification from Eset in Spanish saying that my license was not official and it could not be updated anymore. Weird wording because it sounds as if it was saying that my license was fake. Anyway, it had a link that took me to this website: https://www.eset.com/latam/hogar/licencia-no-autorizada/?utm_source=application&utm_medium=ipm&utm_term=latam-es_5_all_6_dec10-14_7_q4-2020_8_leakers-m1&utm_content=latam-es-leakers-m1&utm_campaign=marketing-other

    The link doesnt look fake as it takes me to eset.com. However my license is set to expire on February and certainly not today. Why did I receive this message? The license was bought in a latinamerican country for 5 pcs and the version I have is in English (same as the language of my laptop), why was the notification in Spanish?

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