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  1. of course I can't accept what you said. you detected nothing. and then you use another nonsensensical site telling there are suspicious files. .. WHAT ARE THE VIRUS? Nothing. Just some cached pages with Exoclick.com Also. There is nothing to download from my site. What can go wrong? Why wouldn't Google ban the site. And while is this Quaterra. .. You? so, you trust this Quaternary blindly instead of almost 70 industry heavy weights like Sucuri and Google? are you going to blacklist the site forever? Prove to me there are virus Or I will rally
  2. Ir proves my point - you detected no virus or any malware. You blacklist the site simply because Exoclick is a ads provider. The site is safe. And Exoclick may have served some ads with adware that is beyond their control. And you detected none whatsoever. If this is not blacklisting, what is? What is the solution? Please ask me to change ads company. They are the biggest and the best alternative to Google.
  3. Hi Macros, I reinstalled Eset and again disabled all the ads for you to test. Here is a sample suite: hxxp://scandalshack.com/ Result: Same thing "JS/Adware.Agent.AA application" ! Now, do you mind to scan the sample site and tell me what malicious code is running? Everyone says the site is safe and clean, except not child friendly. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/f0c3151991e65283120dabd7e38e36465d4efd0e72b0f60963db13b603d2e2c1/detection Take your time. Thanks.
  4. Yes and no. From what I know, ads spamming adware won't stay on the same site forever. They typically small time scammer eg. Telling you your computer has been infected by trojan., and then ask for ransom. But they do no harm to the website. Sites are blacklisted usually is when they haven harmful stuffs that infect visitors device eg. Download or click that can pump an extension in your browser. If this is case, there many police out there monitoring. The site will be blacklisted by everyone from sucuri, virus total, etc. And google will warn you... like I say, Google is experience
  5. Good. I say you block the sites not because you detected a virus. You just blacklist the site. Perhaps you detected something before, that does not mean the something is still there. This is proven by the fact that I personally removed the ads, meaning there is nothing. My site is protected by one of the world best defender. It's technically clean. This is further confirmed by all online scanner including google. You shouldn't punish a site forever just because one of the ads has something fishy. Those ads are served by external sources. The ads company will them if they kno
  6. Another thinh to show eset is sleeping. I used AdwCleaner to scan my computer, they detected 3 ir 4 malware called pup-something... sounds like aware. You know what? Eset never able to detect. Yet a free software like AdwCleaner can detect. see, eset can't even handle the computer properly, they want police the Internet? please give us a break. Concentrate on the computer. .... if we get infected from the Web, you help to get rid of the shits. So, what the problem ? Pls don't block us to that extend. Also, porn is not your business, that's why you have parental con
  7. Child porn? Hello. This is not your job. It's FBI. Tell you which site got child porn, I call FBI for you. Next, if people choose disable your flawed protection, why does your software still want protect? Not only that, you crashed the browser , and screwed the whole computer. You said this not eset fault? Then tell me why after uninstall eset, everything run smoothly? Also, why after I have disabled all the ads code, eset still say the same thing? Not immediately. But half a day later still the same. Please respect users freedom, we want to visit sites you don't like,
  8. UPDATE Confirmed ESET is hallucinating. I told you ESET wouldn't even let me use the browser after I disable their Internet s---. And everything run smoothly adter I completely uninstalled ESET. Guess what. It happens again. I just reintalled. Same thing. It's telling a site with no ads whatsoever, no one else says there is anything wrong ... is infected with JS/Adware.Agent.AC. So bad they crash your browser, your computer. Is an ads links spammer really so dangerous (that no one know if it even exists) that you have to crash the browser/computer? C'mon ESET, be
  9. I think it's false alarm, ESET made a blunder... smart alec. Why? Because it's say JS/Adware.Agent.AC application on my own website. So, I disabled all the ads banners. I scanned the websites with couple scanners ... Nothing. I scanned the F out of my computer, AdwCleaner found a few things, nothing to do with JS/Adware.Agent.AC. Some "puppies" due to a downloader. Cleaned. And then reset my browser, after all the hassles, ESET still says JS/Adware.Agent.AC on the website. I wonder if the ads are not served, how can there be any JS/Adware.Agent.AC application? Also, that
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