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  1. The last time it was detected was Christmas Day but I'll do what you asked when it happens again. Glad to hear the terminology change may happen. Thank you Marcos.
  2. I'm seeing the same log entries for CVE-2017-5638.Struts2. The Solarwinds product called Web Help Desk is the only program that runs on a new Server 2016 install. I do believe it uses java and maybe Apache but their development team said "...the Struts framework is not used in WHD nor is it shipped with the application." What is the likelihood that this is a false positive? More importantly is EFS just detecting, or is it blocking or quarantining?
  3. Funny mine also last checked in on the 27th. And a reboot of the ESMC server have clients checking back in now. Odd...
  4. I too am having this issue. I then ran the Offline Uninstaller, removing both Agent and Client in Safe Mode. The re-installs go fine but then the ESMC shows the computers as Unmanaged. On the computer itself all looks fine.
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